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What is your contribution to worldwide food security supply and at home?

Posted by , March 2021

A large part of the world population depends on fish as their main source of healthy animal protein. As the world population grows, so does the demand for affordable, high-protein food. North Atlantic Fishing Company deliver millions of healthy, protein-rich, affordable meals to consumers a...Click the title to read the full article.

How can the little fishing companies compete with the big ships?

Posted by , March 2021

Each type of fishery has the type of vessel and gear required to suit the fish it catches. Small pelagic fishes inhabit the water column, not near the bottom of the ocean nor near the shore. Large vessels are needed to catch small pelagic species off the coast, whereas small vessels, due to their...Click the title to read the full article.

Why are some of your ships so big?

Posted by , March 2021

Essentially the size of the vessel is directly linked to the processing and storage of the catch. Our vessels range in length from 51 to 120 metres. About 80% of the capacity of a freezertrawler is used for sorting, processing, freezing and cold-storage on-board. North Atlantic Fishing Company fr...Click the title to read the full article.

How do we ensure responsible fishing?

Posted by , March 2021

Pelagic fishing gear is constantly undergoing further improvements to ensure a responsible fishery through better selectivity. North Atlantic Fishing Company uses special measures and aids such as:

In 2020, all of NAFCO’s pelagic vessels were equipped with

What is the impact on the marine ecosystem?

Posted by , March 2021

North Atlantic Fishing Company catches fish in a sustainable manner, without causing damage to the seabed, without disturbing the marine ecosystem and based on effective fish stock management.

In the on-going debate on fisheries, a misconception has recently been introduced claiming that l...Click the title to read the full article.