North Atlantic

Fishing Company

Sustainable food for a growing population - today and tomorrow


North Atlantic Fishing Company Limited is part of the global, Cornelis Vrolijk, fishing group and was established in the UK in 1984.  

With a home port of Hull in the North East of England, we own and operate a fleet of British registered fishing vessels, including the Frank Bonefaas, Northern Joy and Wirons 5 and 6, from our UK offices in Caterham and Hull.  

Our vessels operate all year round in UK and EU waters fishing for only four species of fish; mackerel, horse mackerel, blue whiting and herring, which provide an essential, healthy, sustainable and low-cost food source for markets worldwide, ensuring global food security. 

Other companies within the North Atlantic (Holdings) Limited UK Group include North Atlantic (Crewing) Limited; Fishing Company WIRONs Ltd and Valiant Trawlers.   

We are a member of North Atlantic Fish Producers Organisation (NAFPO) which is managed independently from an office in Hull. 

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