North Atlantic

Fishing Company

Sustainable food for a growing population - today and tomorrow

North Atlantic Fishing Company, a subsidiary of the Dutch family-owned multi-national, Cornelis Vrolijk Group was established in the UK in 1984. We own and operate the British registered fishing vessels Frank Bonefaas 
and Northern Joy

from our two UK offices in Caterham and Hull.

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North Atlantic Fishing Company Limited owns and operates the UK registered Frank Bonefaas and; a pelagic freezer trawler fishing the North Sea and North East Atlantic Ocean.


North Atlantic Fishing Company is a UK registered company that has been based in the UK since 1984, pays taxes to the UK treasury and has offices in Caterham and Hull.


It employs around 62 English fishermen, who are residents in the UK.


With a home port of Hull in the North East of England, most of the 90 jobs created by  North Atlantic Fishing Company’s vessels are occupied by British nationals living in UK port communities.


North Atlantic Fishing Company continues to look for commercial opportunities in the UK to  land and distribute its catch.


Other companies within the North Atlantic (Holdings) Limited UK Group include North Atlantic (Crewing) Limited.  North Atlantic Fish Producers Organisation (NAFPO) is managed independently from an office in Hull.