MCA visit to the Cornelis Vrolijk


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The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) made a visit to the Cornelis Vrolijk (H171) at the beginning of March to renew the vessel’s International Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate (IFVSC), which is completed on an annual basis, to ensure the safety of the crew.

The crew completed several safety drills, one of which saw them donning immersion suits and inflating a 25 man raft on deck, which was then lowered into the water using the ship’s davit, to practise in case of needing to abandon the ship.

Matthew Cox, director of NAFPO commented on the visit: “The Maritime Coastguard Agency’s renewal of the Cornelis Vrolijk’s IFVSC ensures our crew is up to date with all new protocols and safety procedures. It was great to see everyone in action and receive our United Kingdom Fishing Vessel Certificate (UKFVC) for another year.

The photos were taken on 7th March when the U.K. MCA visited the Cornelis Vrolijk (H171) to renew the vessels’ IFVC international Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate. The photos show he ships crew ‘donning’ their immersion suits and practicing an abandon ship drill. The drill involved inflating a 25 man life raft on deck and then lowering it into the water using the ships davit.

Posted by Admin, September 2018