Matthew Cox – at the helm of North Atlantic Fishing Company


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Matthew Cox has held the position of North Atlantic CEO since 2015, having started his career in the maritime industry as a Hydrographic and Meteorological Officer in the Royal Navy. Matthew is passionate about the UK fishing industry and dedicates his time to several national organisations offering advice and guidance to those in the sector.

Recently appointed as a Younger Brother of The Corporation of Trinity House, Matthew works with the Corporation and other smaller charities to help UK fisherman improve safety and information across the industry.

This recent appointment follows on from Matthew’s commitment as co-chair of the Fisherman’s Welfare Alliance, where he helps fishermen to understand new regulations and assists them in demonstrating a clean supply chain.

He is also Trustee of independent maritime charity, Human Rights at Sea, and President of the Propeller Club. These roles see Matthew advising colleagues on health, safety and welfare issues within the fishing industry.

Matthew’s breadth of knowledge of the sector combined with his commitment to support many great maritime charities and bodies make him a strong voice of reason for the industry, helping UK fisheries navigate the complex challenges presented to them.


Posted by Admin, March 2019