How do we ensure responsible fishing?


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Pelagic fishing gear is constantly undergoing further improvements to ensure a responsible fishery through better selectivity. North Atlantic Fishing Company uses special measures and aids such as:

In 2020, all of NAFCO’s pelagic vessels were equipped with escape panels in our fishing nets in order to prevent bycatch of seals.

Large mesh sizes in the front part of the net – to prevent the catch of un-wanted species or undersized juvenile fish

State of the art acoustic equipment to identify the size and depth of a shoal

2D & 3D imaging technology to identify and catch the right species and the right size of fish.

North Atlantic Fishing Company is committed to initiate, develop, contribute and sustain knowledge development that is needed for sustainable management of fish stocks in all areas in which we are active. As fishermen are the eyes and ears of the sea, we regularly contribute to world-wide scientific research, such as PFA’s self-sampling programme to assess the quality of the fish. We also cooperates closely with marine scientists and gear technologists in a number of research projects to achieve this.

In addition, North Atlantic Fishing Company uses the latest generation of acoustic deterrent devices (pingers) in their nets aiming at the avoidance of any incidental bycatch of dolphins to the highest possible extent. Pingers are designed to be attached to the fishing gear and to scare away cetaceans (such as dolphins) by emitting underwater acoustic signals. They are of the latest generation which can be used up to a maximum depth of 200 meters.



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